Our story

When you visit The Vines Club we hope you’ll find that you are in good company. After spending ten years catering events in other peoples’ venues, it became apparent that we wanted one of our own. One where we can offer a welcoming environment that allows you to create your own atmosphere and truly be yourself.

As well as caring about people, we care about the planet. To keep us honest, we have implemented a Waste Reduction Policy to guide our sustainable practices, make sure that we practice what we preach and ensure that you are enjoying a space that not only looks good, but also feels good.

Our commitment

“We care for people, animals and nature.”

There’s nothing quite like the power of nature to help you relax, unwind and enjoy any occasion.

We care about the environment

We believe that we have a responsibility to care for animals and nature, as well as people.
Here’s a summary of some of the ways that we care for our beautiful environment at The Vines Club.

Water filtering

We feed the piglets

Free ranging

We love bees